The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan - An Overview

The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is a comprehensive and visionary program to protect the fragile coastline between Princetown and the Bay of Islands, improve opportunities for visitors and strengthen the local economy and employment opportunities through sustainable tourism. The Master Plan vision covers how public land is managed by state and local governments and also aims to provide confidence for business investment along the Shipwreck Coast and Hinterland.

The Shipwreck Coast encompasses 28 kilometres of spectacular coastline in Victoria's south-west, incorporating Port Campbell National Park, the Bay of Islands Coastal Park, the Twelve Apostles Marine Park, the Arches Marine Sanctuary and the townships of Princetown, Port Campbell and Peterborough.  The Great Ocean Road runs right along the Shipwreck Coast, close to the cliff-tops and the waterfront, linking the townships.

With visitor numbers to the Shipwreck Coast continuing to grow rapidly, improved infrastructure will provide a better, safer and more connected experience taking in the many attractions on the Shipwreck Coast and its hinterland, including the Twelve Apostles, the Blowhole and the Bay of Islands and local townships like Port Campbell, Timboon and Cobden.

Improved infrastructure will benefit both the environment, visitors and the local community by ensuring sustainable tourism, supporting job creation and the development of new services and amenities.  Over time, realisation of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is projected to deliver an increase of $254 million in annual spending and the creation of 3,834 jobs for Victorians.

Improved visitor infrastructure such as elevated walkways and viewing platforms will protect the integrity and environmental values of the coastline well into the future, while improved information will enable visitors to fully appreciate the compelling story of the natural environment, the region's traditional owners and European settlement.

The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is a key part of the Victorian Government's Visitor Economy Strategy, released in July 2016, which aims to attract investment that drives increased visitation and yield in regional Victoria, including the state's world class nature-based tourism destinations.

It aims to protect, enhance and celebrate the Twelve Apostles, one of Australia's most recognisable and visited natural attractions.  The Master Plan is multi-faceted, comprising 72 projects and initiatives, which will guide investment in facilities and infrastructure over the longer term.

History and Development

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